A healthy pantry

Whole grains, nuts, dried legumes…they should replace the Doritos, oatmeal pies, and saltines in your pantry.

Pantry Make-Over Teleclass: $75

The Pantry Make-Over is a One-Hour Session offering professional guidance to families on the following topics:

• Nutrition Labels: How to read labels and make smart decisions.
• Ingredients List: What are you eating?
• Healthy Replacements: Cost effective, nutritious replacements for common junk foods.
• Shopping: A grocery list for health.

We’ll take a look at our junk food nutrition labels and ingredients list and compare them to some healthier alternatives. We’ll discuss what happens to foods during processing and talk about how to make some of your own “junk food” from healthier, fresher ingredients. This class is a stepping stone to introduce you to a simplistic style of consumption. Revamping your pantry for the summer could truly set your kids up for a much more successful school year next Fall.

We want to reach out and help as many people as we can. So, with each paid participating family, a portion of the program fee will go towards providing the same educational assistance to an at-risk or low-income family. We think this business model will affect change in the next generation.

But it only works if YOU sign up.

Build a better future for you, your family, and another family. Sign up today and #sharehealth!