Step It Up Coaching programs  are all about fitness, balance, individual wellness, and the preservation of family.

We’re challenging people to get well, to spend more time together, and to #sharehealth! We’re challenging YOU to get healthy, get active and get closer to the people you love!

Did you know that poverty, obesity, substance abuse, crime and disease are passed down from generation to generation? Did you know that ALL  of these problems effect ALL cultures, ALL nationalities, ALL races, ALL genders…Did you know that children who come from a broken home are more likely to join a gang, drop out of school, or do drugs?

Now you know.

Here’s something else we would like you to know: YOU can prevent these issues from getting passed on! The key is to bring your family back together. Start at the dinner table with a healthy meal. Then make a date to play in the back yard together. Have a family game night. All it takes are a few small baby steps. All it takes is ONE step!

If you are interested in becoming healthier…

If you would like to help your family get closer…

If you want to be part of the movement to end the cycle…

…then I would encourage you to follow this blog, ask questions, do your own research…and make the commitment to put you and your family’s health first.



Chief Cheerleader