The Healthy Fridge

Though it doesn’t need to be as organized, your refrigerator should be as colorful!

Refrigerator Make-Over Teleclass: $75

The goal of the Refrigerator Make-Over is to give you and your family a basic understanding of fresh food shopping for health.

In this One-Hour Session we will discuss things like:

• The Fresher the Better: Seasonal menu planning.
• Fat Content: What the “fat-free” and “low-fat” claims really mean.
• The Crisper Drawer: AKA the healthy foods “black hole.”
• Shopping: A grocery list for health.
• Food Safety: Expiration dates, use-by dates and proper handling.

What we will do is take a look inside your fridge and talk about good, better, and best choices. (Its best if the whole family is available for the discussion so we can work out a healthier plan that is reasonable to everyone.) We will talk about the bullet points above and get the whole family into the discussion. We will leave you with supporting literature to help you through the first few weeks and we’ll follow up often to see how you’re doing!

Because we believe in contributing to the greater good of our community, for every family that pays for this program, we will reach out to an at-risk or low-income family and provide them with the same healthy food education. If we want to prevent obesity and illness we need to work together! Let’s #sharehealth.

So what do you say? Are you ready to help your family?