Part 1: Family Lifestyle: Mind, Body, Spirit.

Mankind is created in the image of God. As a family lifestyle coach, I teach families how to live a better balanced lifestyle, according to biblical precepts, and with the respect, honor, and love, due a perfect creation – made in God’s own image. The family lifestyle program I offer is a strengths-based program which addresses finances, nutrition, fitness, and relationships. To transform families from desperately in debt, chronically ill, over-weight, out of shape, and disconnected, the program takes advantage of the power of the Holy Spirit within you and your inherent, yet corrupted, righteousness.

Part 1: Mind

The human mind is unique from the rest of creation in that humans are able to comprehend their own existence, they have self-determination, they are able to reason, and they have the power of advanced communication (Original Creation of Man in the Image of God). Each individual decides how they want to live their life in any given moment. An individual may choose pride, or humility, at work. They may choose selfishness, or service, in relationships. They may choose to ignore the natural revelation or God, or praise it and step into a relationship with the Creator. I coach each member of the family unit towards a relationship with the Creator, other members of the family, and their circumstances. Etzel and Gutierrez emphasize, “It is important to remember that God is helping us with our weaknesses, and that He continually is working to make us more like Jesus” (Etzel & Gutierrez, 2012, p. 128).

Each member of the family unit contributes to the well-being of the group. Each must realize that his or her decisions affect the whole. Mankind was blessed (and also cursed) with the ability to discern moral judgments (Original Creation of Man in the Image of God). Each person has an inherent understanding of what is right and wrong. The voice of the world, however, often drowns out the voice of the Spirit. Coaching each family member then becomes a process of helping them identify what sin is, and how each has sinned – against God, their family members, and in their lifestyle choices.

Sin may include ignorance and disobedience. Within the family unit, claiming ignorance in regards to misbehavior, does not mean that the behavior was any less offensive; it simply means that the individual must be shown the full context of the behavior and why it is unacceptable. Willful disobedience is as old as time. Parents should expect their children to exercise their will against them. Of course, the Bible provides instruction for how to handle disobedience. The program lessons, then, point an individual towards an understanding of what sin is, so they may confess those sins and be forgiven.