Step It Up is on a Mission!

Christina is a family lifestyle coach. She helps families develop more responsible, enjoyable, and meaningful daily practices to create a balanced and stress-free lifestyle.

Step It Up Lifestyle Coaching with Christina Estrada encompasses the five main areas of our lives that can either cause us stress or bring us joy:

  • Finances
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Family
  • Community

Her goal for each family she works with is to create an effective and practical family wellness model to help them function better, feel better, and perpetuate a cycle of love and longevity.

Christina is the author of They Don’t Make Coupons for Healthy Food: How to get real food real cheap.

Finances are often the root cause of individual and family strife – either you have enough and mismanage it or you have too little and worry about staying afloat.
In just 13 months, Christina and her husband paid off over $30,000 in debt on a $40,000 income. It is possible and Christina can show you the options available to you to make more money, budget your money, and share your resources so that you can step up into a life of abundance and peace.

Nutrition can either be our healthcare or the reason why we spend so much on medicine. The food you eat can either energize you or age you. Learning how to eat to fuel your body and your life is key to living a longer, more fulfilling life. Find out what poisons are in your food. Learn how to get real food real cheap. Christina will share with you the whole food options available to you to bridge the gap between what you are eating and what you should be eating. *

Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy – but fitness is a specific and personal state of being, unique to each person. Conditioning your body to be fit helps prevent disease and sickness, it helps reduce stress and boost confidence. But more than that, it enhances your daily life and allows you to follow your dreams without borders, barriers, or stumbling blocks. Christina’s unique gift is designing physical fitness programs that are practical, easy to follow, and challenging.

Family is defined differently in nearly every culture. But the basic nature of the family unit is to provide a safe, happy, and enriching experience for every member.
In America, we’ve gotten too caught up in the collection of material wealth to remember where our treasure truly is – back at home.
Learn how to un-plug and re-connect with your family so you can enjoy a home full of love, acceptance, and joy.

Community begins in the home and spreads out to those closest to you – literally – your next door neighbors, the family down the street, and the people you spend your day with either at work or school.
Building relationships within your community helps enrich your life and those of your family by providing different cultural perspectives, wisdom from elders, support from peers, and a network of people willing to help the people around them. Join Christina in discovering how you can nurture the community around you.