Who’s Your Fitness Pal?

I was recently invited to a CD release party for a client of mine. He put me on his VIP list, made sure that I was interviewed (on camera) and he even called me out while he was on stage – to thank me for “whipping him into shape”!

I was extremely flattered – a little embarrassed – and so proud of him!

When Dan and I met, he was a regular at the gym where I was working. I saw him at least three days a week, sometimes four days. He always started on the elliptical machine, then went down to the upper body machines, then headed to the leg machines, then finished with the abs machines. This is a very common routine for people. And when I say “common”, I mean that EVERYONE does this exact same thing!

Dan shot a music video to promote his new album. It wasn’t very long after he did the video that he called me up and booked his first session with me. In his own words, “you never know how bad you look until you see yourself in high def”. I giggled when I heard him say that…but here’s why this is an important story for you to pay attention to.

There are LOTS of online weight loss communities.

There are LOTS of online fitness trackers.

There are LOTS of gadgets and do-hickies that help you track your steps and calories.

There are LOTS of forums that you can go to find workout routines.

But here’s the bottom line…

According to research published by The Cochrane Library, researchers analyzed 14 different weight loss studies, looking at those participants who used an online program, those who received face-to-face diet help (as with a doctor or counselor), and those who received no such assistance.

What they found was that online dieters experienced increased success rates when compared with those who had little or no assistance. While those who received one-on-one support lost the most weight.

You may be one of those individuals who sets out every January to get in shape, lose weight, and eat healthier. But what does that really mean for you? Do you know how many reps and sets you should perform to achieve your desired results? Sure, that’s women’s fitness magazine you read said that you should start with three sets of twelve, but at what weight? Did you know that women are encouraged to lift heavy weights to help build bone density and that if you stick with those three pound dumbbells during your Zumba-toning class, you’re not doing anything for your muscles and even less for your bones?

How much cardio should you do?

What about swimming?

Is tennis okay for you to play?

Should you do a boot camp?

What happens when you repeatedly perform an exercise with poor form? Well, I’ll tell you – you get injured!

What happens when you don’t adjust a weight machine properly for your height and stature? You get injured!

What happens when you do the same routine over and over again? YOU GET INJURED!

Look at my client, Dan! He thought he was doing everything right. It wasn’t that he had a problem getting to the gym, that was the least of his worries! It was ‘what‘ he was doing that wasn’t working for him. Dan was completely misinformed. He was keeping himself active and he was dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, but he just simply didn’t know how to put it all together to work for him.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are LOTS of helpful tools when it comes to tracking your fitness progress and staying accountable…but when it comes to being successful in achieving your weight loss or fitness goals – your best bet is ALWAYS to hire a personal fitness coach.

fitness clipart

I’m not just saying that to get your business – although I would LOVE to help you achieve your goals – I’m saying that because it is absolutely true. And just as the saying goes, “a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client” it is the same for fitness professionals. I have hired my friends to help me achieve my fitness goals because one of the most important aspects of personal training that you don’t get when you exercise alone – is that extra little boost of confidence and encouragement to push harder than you thought you could!

So, if you’re at a stale mate in your fitness journey – hire a professional to help you move forward. If you need any recommendations in your area – leave me a comment and I’ll point you in the right direction.

To your health,