America’s Obsession with Food: What are people craving?

Google Trends Top Search

Google Trends Top Search

While debating what to write about, I went to Google to see what it is that people want to talk about? As I scrolled down the page I came to the top search trends in food. It doesn’t surprise me that THE TOP FIVE FOODS are:

  1. Pizza
  2. Cake
  3. Chicken
  4. Salad
  5. Coffee

Does it surprise you?

Let’s consider a couple things: convenience is king in our society. Drive-thru and delivery are so much easier than home-cooked meals. I imagine that pizza is a top search term because people all over the country are pulling out their smart phones after a long and busy day and are looking for the closest pizza joint to help them solve the dilemma, “what’s for dinner?” I’m not immune from this. Just last week I grabbed my smart phone whilst on the way home from a long day of work, did a Google voice search for “pizza”, and then ordered while I was on my way there to pick up my ready-made meal.

Cake…well, I would like to think that people are searching for the band which sings one of my favorite running songs, “Going the Distance,” but I’m smarter than that. Number two on the top five food trends list makes perfect sense to me. America is addicted to sugar. We’re addicted to temporary escape – and sugar provides that for us. Have you seen the effects of sugar on a person’s brain?

Take the next five minutes to watch this quick video from the TODAY show that explains the findings of a recent study on how sugar effects the ‘reward’ and ‘craving’ portion of your brain:

Pizza, cake, and chicken have all been on an upward trend since 2005. That data tells me that people are, sadly, on a downward spiral when it comes to nutrition. As you learned in the video, fat and sugar (especially the convenient kind) light up the reward, satisfaction, craving, and addiction center of our brain. The more of it that you eat, the more you will crave it and thus the cycle of poor eating – emotional eating – perpetuates. Take heart though, for some people, it may be a behavioral problem, for others it may be a legitimate addiction, but this study suggests it’s a biological issue. And guess what that means?


(And by ‘diet’ I mean the foods that you eat.)

Fat and sugar may make you feel good for a few minutes, maybe even for a couple hours, but you’ll feel lousy after you eat them! They provide a temporary high, much like cocaine or heroin


These foods physiologically sap your energy, you (literally) become obsessed with finding more, and these fatty, sugary, so-called “feel good/comfort” foods are super high calorie and pack on the pounds!

The good news is that if you DON’T want to be over-weight, lethargic, moody, or addicted to bad food, all you have to do is NOT eat it!

At the beginning of my family’s health journey, we discovered that


I know what it’s like to be addicted to convenience, sugar, and fat.

But, WE OVERCAME THAT ADDICTION and I would LOVE to help you and your family transition from the Standard American Diet (SAD) into a healthier, whole-foods based lifestyle.

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One other fun tidbit: the word “exercise” is most searched for in the month of – you guessed it – JANUARY. 

“Salad” is not – surprisingly enough – searched for in the month of January. People look for “salad” most often during the summer months! Go figure!