Feeding America

It’s hard enough, as a middle-class family, to find good, nutritious food that I am confident has been grown in a responsible, chemical-free manner. Watch this video to see what this young kid discovered about our food (supply) chain…

Now consider this – what if you didn’t have access to ANY fresh food? What if you only ate out of cans and boxes? You would live, of course, but your quality of life wouldn’t be what it could be, if you did have access to fresh produce. That’s where Feeding America comes in. This is from their website.

Millions of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables are ready for harvest — but to make sure they reach food banks and families in fresh condition, we must act quickly.

Thanks to a special matching challenge grant from the Kraft Foods Foundation every dollar you donate will help provide 20 pounds of food to men, women and children struggling with hunger.

When it comes to freshness, every moment counts. Don’t wait — Please donate today.

Feeding America.

Please consider donating. Thanks.

Feeding America