Frugal Back to School Shopping Tips – Money Management


Have you started thinking about Back-to-School? I walked into my local office supply store and was very quickly reminded of the impending end of summer.

Sometimes, even though we know it’s coming, we forget to plan for all the expenses of sending the kids back to school. Here is a quick article on some ways to save money if you “forgot” to plan ahead.

Just FYI, Georgia won’t be having a tax-free shopping weekend. If you’re willing to drive, Alabama and South Carolina will have theirs, but you’ll probably spend your savings on gas to get to the sales! If you decide not to travel:

With tips like, “Learn to use reward programs,” and “Split multiple items between kids,” you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck by reading this article.

These money savvy deal hunters researched and watched sales last summer to be ready for this summer! Read this article before you run out in a frantic mess thinking you’ll miss out on the best deals – some of them stick around while others get better toward the end of August…