Smoothie Power

This morning was smoothie morning. The kids rushed down to the kitchen. They helped me wash our berries, peel the bananas and then giggled as I wrestled with trimming the pineapple. Then we all made a guess as to what color the smoothie would turn. That is actually a VERY fun game…because, you never really know what color they will turn!

Now, let me tell you that my children, ages 6 and 4 (the twins) can each eat one and a half waffles in the morning! I, in contrast, can eat about three sections of a waffle. My youngest twin can eat an average of 8 slices of pizza (obviously we’re not on the vegan band wagon just yet) and my oldest child often requests that I pack him two lunches for school.

So imagine my surprise this morning when there were no “seconds please” requests from the family! I blended our smoothie, served it and remained standing in anticipation of having to quickly blend another one before the mob got angry. I got nothing. Nada. As a matter of fact, one of my darling bottomless pits said his belly was full!

So, here’s the recipe, hopefully it fills your bottomless pits too!

handful of raspberries
1 banana
2 fresh pineapple rings
3 scoops of unsweetened natural soy protein powder
4 – 5 strawberries
6 – 8 oz of orange juice
some ice

This served five people in my home. The kids each got about 6 oz. The hubby and I each got about 10 oz. (I’m guessing…because I didn’t take time to measure them.) Anyway, it filled a standard-sized blender to the top.