Gourmet Dinner

There are very few recipes that I repeat. I tend to scour the internet for new and exciting recipes to prepare each week. But there are a few meals that my family and I absolutely love and use as our “go to” meals when the day has been busy.

Our favorite meal is one that is fun and fast to make. The flavors mix perfectly and can be suited to each kid’s tastes very easily. Although I have experimented with several different brands of ingredients, the meal always comes out perfectly.

Not only all that, but it’s a crowd-pleaser. 

Here’s the recipe for the gourmet dinner we enjoyed this evening:

(This makes 4 servings)

8 slices of whole grain bread, divided

4 tbsp of all natural peanut butter

4-8 tbsp of no-sugar-added, natural strawberry preserves

   you may also use grape jelly, orange marmalade, blackberry preserves, raspberry preserves – whatever suites your fancy

To prepare:

Spread 1 tbsp of peanut butter on 4 pieces of bread. On the remaining 4 slices of bread, spread 1 tbsp of the fruit preserves of your choice. Place one slice of peanut butter bread on one slice of jelly bread with the peanut butter and jelly facing each other.

Cut diagonally or from end to end (again, a personal preference). Enjoy!