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“Outdoor play has been shown to reduce stress, boost immune systems and improve far vision. One study, by Bristol University, even found a bacterium in soil helps produce serotonin, which can improve mood the way antidepressants and exercise do.”

I have three little boys, so I have not choice but to accept dirt as a household guest. I lived on over 30 acres of land as a child and can remember my Mother screaming her head off to try to get me to come in the house for dinner. I’m happy to say, it’s the same in my home today. Except we have 1/2 an acre…and I’m usually outside with them…

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What are:


Beach Bocce

Bottle Bash

Answer: New games to try this summer.


Look for state parks, community parks, historic centers and local museums to host outdoor games this summer.

Here’s one in Zeeland, Michigan!


“The Total Outdoorsman Challenge 2012 games will highlight the dramatic journey of outdoor enthusiasts from across the country battling for recognition as the nation’s most all-around skilled outdoorsman.”

Think you’ve got what it takes? Registration for the qualifying events is STILL open and ends Sunday, April 22nd. There is no fee to apply.

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“Let’s get active and busy outside this year whether we enjoy gardening or other recreational activities. If we can motivate one another, getting active outside will be easy.”

This is a great article with lots of simple ideas for how to get outside and truly enjoy the experience. One more thing…sitting here reading isn’t on the list! (Neither is sitting here blogging – but I have an excuse, it’s 9:00 PM!)

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“The Hunger Games” could encourage youngsters to head outdoors and learn new skills.

Would you or would you not allow your kids to watch a movie if you thought it would pique their interest in the great outdoors?

This guys says he’s down to check it out!