Bueller, Bueller

If you have :57 seconds of your life to waste, this might make you giggle a little bit.

Anyway, you may be asking where in the blazes has Step It Up Coaching gone? Or maybe you’re too busy with your own busy life to have noticed we took a little (1-2 week) sabatical! It was for the best, I assure you! We have been working hard to refine our business plan (and actually get it down on paper). We’ve been engaging in business meetings and entering into partnerships with some pretty incredible people and businesses.

Squirrel! I LITERALLY just ran down 3 flights of stairs (okay, one was only 3 steps) to chase a squirrel out of my garden!

Anyway, where was I? (Darn thing is eating my wax bean seeds!)

Okay, so business plan, partnerships, new blog coming soon….

I think that’s it!

We’ll share our new domain once it’s all ironed out and will continue to pop in once in a while to let you know how things are going and to see how things are going for you!