Wacky Wednesday Family Fun Game

Today’s game is Under, Over & Around!

Under, Over & Around! is an obstacle course that you can create with everyday objects found inside or outside your home. All you want to do is create a course that you can jump over, crawl under and run around things…here are some ideas:

– pillows: jump over…
– sticks: jump over…
– chairs: go under, or you can use two chairs to hold a broom stick to create a slightly taller under obstacle or run around
– tables: go under or around
– brooms: over or under
– buckets: around or over
– hula hoops: multi-functional…over, under or around!
– ladders: for running under, if you aren’t superstitious…please don’t use them for “over!”
– water noodles: just like hula hoops, you can use these for over, under or around

After you set up your obstacle course just start running through it! To have a bit more fun and add a little more excitement:

– Make it more challenging by setting a time limit to finish the course in.
– Make it as long or as short as you like by adding more obstacles.
– See how many times you can go through it in 2 minutes.
– Make the under obstacles like a limbo contest and see how low you can go!

Don’t forget to warm up and stretch out before each game, and then allow some cool off and stretching time afterward too.

Keep it light and keep it fun…don’t be afraid to act like a kid and laugh out loud!