Today I Ate A Rainbow: A Happy Review

I don’t know how much happier anyone can get than when they see a rainbow. Just check out this YouTube video if you don’t believe me!

But to see a rainbow on your kid’s plate? Well, that makes THIS Mommy, very happy!


The USDA recommends that children between the ages of four and eight eat at least 2 1/2 to 3 cups of fruits and vegetables per day!

Not only that, but it is also recommended that they eat from several different color-groups as well! That can be a daunting task for busy moms! I mean, let’s face it, Lunchables are easy, cheap and fill a kid up. Fast food is…fast, and no dishes need to be washed. School lunch is still not all it really should be, but it’s cheap and at least we don’t have to get up to pack a lunch. And snacks, well, it’s so easy to purchase the pre-packaged 100 calorie cookie bags or cracker packages, isn’t it?

If that’s how you’re feeling right now, I would like to introduce you to “Today I Ate a Rainbow” creator, Kia Robertson. She has developed a fun, colorful, all-around FABULOUS kit to encourage children to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day. The kit has also proven useful for my husband and I to determine how many colors we have eaten and what colors we need to eat more of. Add a website that has some practical, useful tips, an interactive kid’s zone and is extremely easy to navigate and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success!

Since my family and I received our kit we have had SO MUCH FUN planning our weekly menus, shopping for the fresh fruits and vegetables…and EATING all the yummy colors! Here are some more benefits I’ve experienced since using the Today I Ate a Rainbow kit:

  • Meal planning has become less of a chore because the kids and I look at pictures of foods to determine if they’re “colorful enough” to make it on the menu!
  • The kids are THRILLED to go shopping with me because I let them choose the freshest, most colorful produce and weigh it too! (One of the tips on Kia’s website.)
  • We discuss what a serving size is and they help portion out our meals (which takes some burden off of me!)
  • They LOVE reading “The Rainbow Bunch” book to each other and have learned some very valuable lessons from it.
  • When we sit down to eat we discuss what each fruit or vegetable does for our body – then the kids share their knowledge with friends who come to play!
  • We have FUN at each meal and the kids are excited to try NEW, colorful fruits and vegetables – just so they can put a magnet on the chart!

Not only has the chart helped make meals more fun for the kids, but I can tell you – from one busy mom to another – that using the rainbow to guide my menu-planning (and the included handy shopping list) has made meals so much more fun for me to prepare! Our meals taste better, my body feels better and my heart feels better knowing that I am laying a foundation for my children that will set them up for a healthy lifestyle when they are older and able to make their own food decisions.

In short:

I simply adore the Today I Ate a Rainbow kit.

Many thanks to Kia and her family, for the work they do to help other families eat healthier and spend more time together!

You get FIVE STARS from Family Fitness News!