Wedding Anniversary!

Okay. I admit, I have not done Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred EVERY DAY for the last 21 days. I’ve been mixing it up, integrating some NTC workouts and some Blogilates. I even did some BodyRocking with my bestest buddy, Dusty, at her house the other day.

So, I changed the dates on my workout progress thingy to reflect about how many Shred workouts I’ve done.

Today has a heart around it because…


My husband and I have been together for many years, since 2005. We had three kids and finally got hitched when they were all old enough to walk down the aisle with us.

So, what are our big plans for the day???

Well, we are currently in the process of ridding ourselves of debt using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. So, I made us a lovely, sorta healthy breakfast of french toast with raspberry maple syrup. I say “sorta healthy” because the syrup was very sweet and sugary – and I added powdered sugar to make it pretty. (If my phone would finish it’s update, I could show you a pictures.)

Anyway, I also made him a homemade book-card that he loved.

And we will probably eat our lunch here (Chicken Tostadas), then head to Sonic for their Happy Hour and get slushes.

So, I’m done with my workout and am now done with this post…I think I am sufficiently cooled off in order to take a shower and get ready for the day!