Wacky Wednesday Family Game

As promised: we posted a short video describing a fun little game that kids and adults of all ages can really have some fun with.

With inspiration drawn from the Eclipse series and the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, we think you’ll have a fun time! It’s great for cardio, endurance, flexibility and imagination!

Here’s the how-to:

  1. Divide your family into teams. If there are 3 or fewer family members, allow everyone to be a different “monster.”
  2. Choose what type of monster each team will be.
  3. Assign an exercise to that type of monster. For example:we assigned jumping jacks to the vampires, bear crawling to the werewolves and a cross body toe-touch to the mummys. Be creative with your monsters and exercises…it’s FUN!
  4. Draw a starting line and a finish line about 10-25 yards apart. (If you have older children, go to 25 yards, if you have younger children, bring them to 10 yards or so…to get the grands in the game, keep the lines around 10-15 yards apart.)
  5. You’ll call, “get ready, get set, GO!” and race from the starting line to the finish line.
  6. Which ever “monster” reaches the finish line first turns the rest of the players into their “kind.” You will all change into that monster and do the exercise assigned to that monster, from the finish line back to the starting line. For example: when the vampire (team) wins, we do jumping jacks from the finish line all the way back to the starting line. When the werewolf wins we do a bear crawl from the finish line back to the starting line, etc.
  7. Each race takes about one minute total. I recommend doing about 5 -10 races as one kind of monster, then make up new monsters and new exercises and do 5-10 more races.
  8. HAVE FUN!

LEAVE A COMMENT after you have played this game! Let us know what kinds of monsters and exercises YOU came up with and how much fun you had!