Bum thumb, knocked silly: Who says St. Patty’s day is lucky?

Okay, so I don’t typically write on the weekends because it’s the only time when my whole family gets to spend time together. But I just HAD to tell you about the day I had yesterday.

First things first, I prepared my family an excellent breakfast, but used up all of the bacon. Now, I had purchased the bacon for another recipe that I was going to cook later in the day, so I messed up there.

Next, after a lovely stroll through our town square St. Patrick’s day festival, where I allowed my children to wear a sticker with a picture of a mug of beer on it (way to go parenting skills) we went to get my oldest son a hair cut. Well, I dropped him and Daddy off at the barber shop and took the twins to the grocery store. I followed my usual routine where I gathered my purse and grocery money envelope, unbuckled the twins, hopped out of the van, opened the sliding door, opened the passenger-side door and locked the van, closed the passenger door, asked the twins to stand aside while I closed the sliding door and BAM! I shut my thumb in the sliding door!

Now, as I was parking I noticed that the car next to me was still occupied. So I calmly asked the lady in the driver seat if she could please help me by getting my keys out of my purse and unlocking the door. She looked stunned, and it took a moment for it to register with her the bonehead thing I had just done to myself. But she hopped out, quick as a leprechaun hiding his gold, and helped me out. I completed my shopping with a produce bag full of ice on my thumb and returned to the barber shop. My husband got quite a laugh from my story. He even woke up this morning giggling at my misfortune.

But my day didn’t end there. Back story: Our family purchased this home in July last year and it was in desperate need of TLC. Since it was summer in the South and hot as Hades, we worked primarily on the inside.

So we were outside yesterday, taking advantage of the moderate Spring weather, working on removing some nasty looking landscape timbers from around our house. We were in the clean up phase of the project and I had just loaded my husbands arms with some of the larger pieces. Since my thumb was still fairly sore I was being fairly careful and not carrying anything overly large or heavy….anyway, I had just loaded him up and bent over to pick up the remaining small pieces when BAM! my husband accidentally knocked me on my head with the landscaping timber!

Apparently I screamed like a little girl. I don’t remember that, but I do remember the sharp pain behind my ear and falling to my knees. He dropped the timbers and made sure that my skin was intact and no brains were falling out. Everything was fine and we decided that I would have been better off had I not even gotten out of bed that morning!

The good news is the goose egg that resulted from the blow to my head has gone down and I still have good range of motion in my thumb. The bad news is that the blow to my head has not proven to have knocked any sense into me and it feels like I sprained my thumb.

Hope you have a good laugh at my expense. I’ve been giggling throughout this entire post and will surely have fun telling my friends at church all about my misfortune on St. Patricks’s Day, supposedly a lucky holiday!