Home Gym on the Cheap

I don’t have time for the gym (perfect excuse not to work out right?)

Gyms are too expensive! (Another great excuse…you’re going to hate me!)

Well I have a remedy for both of those excuses! YIKES!

Here’s how to build your home gym, on the cheap:

  • If you need yoga blocks – use a few romance novels wrapped tightly in plastic wrap (so they don’t slide apart.)
  • If you need hand weights – use soup cans. If you want some extra weight, use BIG soup cans.
  • If you need a jump rope – just fake the funk! Move your arms the same way you would if you had a jump rope and you’ll get the same effect.
  • If you need a pull-up bar – stick your broom handle between two chairs and lay on your back. Grab the broom with your hands slightly further than shoulder width apart and pull your chest up to the bar.

Most other exercises can be done using your furniture. I would recommend purchasing a set of rubber exercise bands in varied resistances. These are great for supplementing many other types of “gym” exercises that you might want to do at home.

I’ll work on posting some more articles – each featuring a gym workout, done at home, On the Cheap.