From Lousy to Lovely: Fix Your Mood

I have to admit, today was a lousy day at the beginning. I woke up at 3am with a migraine headache that had still not subsided after medication and an additional 5 hours of sleep.

Due to household frustrations (remodeling our kitchen) and a lingering headache, I was in a pretty lousy mood. So, I forced myself AND THE KIDS to go outside for a game of tag and some bright sunshine.

Suddenly (and in the nick of time) our neighbor popped over and then my good friend dropped in with her two kids.

What ensued was a very energizing game of freeze tag!

We screamed and giggled and tumbled and nearly tackled each other! It was such a good time!

The kids loved it. And you know what? My friend and I did too!

Family bonding can been fun and energizing…so, the next time you’re in a foul mood, grab the kids and head outside. Don’t even think about it!


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