Sports Video Games for Exercise – What are your thoughts?

I did some more research on “exergames” and discovered the following information: in a related study, children were given a game console with either two “exergames” or two inactive games. Over the course of the study, the children who had the exergames had not added any more physical activity to their routine than the children who had the inactive video games.

Interesting, right?

What parents would LIKE to believe is that, if they can sit their children down in front of the tv with a “healthy video game,” the kids will get more exercise. But what studies are finding is that children still need to be motivated to participate in the exergames.


Play the video games with them, especially if it’s cold or rainy outside…if it’s nice out, THEN GET OUTSIDE!

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I have always been of the persuasion that video games are mind-rotting demons. But then Nintendo came out with the Wii, a game console that promoted fitness and exercise – and I allowed my husband to get one.

Do you have one of those new motion-activated game consoles?

It was fun, at first. Then we tired of it very quickly because our children just couldn’t grasp some of the game concepts. So it became a bit frustrating.

Then we went to a New Year’s party at a friend’s house who had recently gotten the Xbox Kinect.

Kinect Family Time

Looks fun, right?

It was much easier for the kids to use, but there were still some difficulties getting the console to work properly for them. For the adults in attendance, namely myself, it was a riot!

(Have you ever played Fruit Ninja on the Kinect??? You have GOT to try it!)

Anyway, WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON SPORTS VIDEO GAMES FOR EXERCISE? Does your family play together? Do you play for fitness, entertainment, or both?

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