Keep Healthy Snacks Fresher, Longer

Are you having trouble keeping your fresh fruits and vegetables fresh?

Here’s a bit of jargon I just learned: the “crisper drawer” at the bottom of the fridge where most of us keep our fresh fruits and veggies, is known in the farming industry as – wait for it – THE DRAWER OF DEATH!

Think of it: you put a bag of apples down there, the baby carrots, that yummy looking melon and some squash. Next thing you know you’re pulling out a squishy squash, moldy melon and baby carrots that have grown some sort of stuff!

In my recent search for time-saving tips for eating healthy, I found this interview with Bolthouse Farm’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bryan Reese. You can read the article and watch the 4 minute video HERE.

Here’s the basic summary of the article:

The secret to keeping your fruits and vegetables fresher longer is to keep them within your arms reach as soon as you open the refrigerator. (Save the crisper drawer for foods you want to eat less of.)

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Keep these fresher, longer, by putting them in plain view in your fridge.