“My Plate” or Pyramid?

In response to a comment made by a reader, I did some research about the “My Plate” program that the Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently used to replace the “My Pyramid” program.

The ChooseMyPlate website states in the FAQs:

MyPlate was developed as an effort to promote healthy eating to consumers. The MyPlate icon is easy to understand and it helps to promote messages based on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The new MyPlate icon builds on a familiar image — a plate — and is accompanied by messages to encourage consumers to make healthy choices.

It goes on further to explain why fats are not included on the plate – mainly because they are found in all the other foods we eat and the nutritionists and scientists behind the new program didn’t think it was necessary to add them to the plate.

If you have questions about the new program and just don’t want to spend the time looking this stuff up, leave a comment or send an email to FamilyFitnessNews@gmail.com and we’ll do the research for you!

If you know about the MyPlate program and still prefer the pyramid (old habits die hard) then click here to see a few pyramids that you can choose from when deciding upon the correct nutrition plan for you and your family.

But as always, before drastically changing your diet or exercise routines, please consult your physician!